Why the rebrand

Jul 13, 2019

It all started in the shower – this is where I’m most relaxed and come up with some of my best ideas. Well most of them anyway. So here I thought of a name I could call my stationery business. What says parties without saying it, well Sparklers & Confetti was ambiguous enough. I think at the time just starting it up I got sucked into the excitement of finally doing what I loved and felt I needed to conform to a certain persona. But as time went on, I realised more and more how it didn’t at all reflect me. 

Then I started getting phone calls about sparklers and there were a lot of face palms. I knew it was a risky move and a huge task to rebrand and I kept putting it off, thought making alts to the logo would suffice, but nup, I knew it had to be done. The final nail in the coffin was when I went to a meeting and they said oh you’re sparkles (yes sparkles) and confetti and I cringed, oh I cringed so hard! Why could something I thought was great make me feel so embarrassed? 

To me it was an outdated image and the business had evolved so it needed to happen the next opportunity I could put some real effort into it, and this time I really needed to buckle down and think about the image I wanted for the rebrand.

The goal in rebranding is… to strengthen your brand’s message and allow it to evolve. Although rebranding can do many things… it should support your core message while connecting with your audience in a new, authentic way.

To begin with, I decided to write up a brand strategy and woah, this really made me think of the direction I wanted to take the brand in. I asked myself… who you are as a brand, how you want that to translate to consumers. What is your business? What does it do and not do? Who is your target audience? What will you do to change their lives? How will you do it? 

Document coming soon…



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